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Shanghai Sunshine Scientific Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sunshine Scientific Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1995

Shanghai High-tech Enterprise is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai, adjacent to Shanghai University, covering an area of 5.1 acres. It is a strategic partner of the People's Liberation Army in relation to the testing, development and production of physical and chemical properties of oil products.

The company is a comprehensive operator of oil inspection and testing, which integrates the development, production, sales and service of standard oil analysis equipment and trace fast oil detection equipment.

In the 20 years since its establishment, the company has adhered to the path of independent innovation and created a series of products with independent core technology. It has been widely used in petrochemical enterprises, the military and other related fields. The company has established a complete quality management system, and its products meet the standards of "ASTM ISO GB SH ⋯".

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Shanghai Sunshine Scientific Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Is a comprehensive oil inspection and testing operator integrating standard oil analysis equipment, trace fast oil testing equipment development, production, sales and service


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Company culture

1. Our vision is: to become an excellent instrument manufacturing enterprise
2. Our mission is: Committed to Chinese enterprises to become stronger and bigger; to go to the world stage
3. Our aim is: to reject the theory, focus on actual combat, and help customers improve efficiency
4. Our spirit is: simplicity, nature
5. Our style is: keep promises, no excuses; absolutely obey, never say no
6. Our values are:
Customer: Everything is based on customer value
Standard: Always stay on top, and focus on everything
Team: Up and down concentric, work together to break gold
Thanksgiving: Be a man with a grateful heart and win respect with love
Responsibility: Responsible for yourself, for the enterprise, and for the society
7. Our core philosophy is:
Survival philosophy: Only the right way can last
Entrepreneurship concept: Tribulation is a required course for successful people
Development concept: Sacrifice the ego, complete the ego
Business philosophy: the world's best teachers, gather talents
Competitive philosophy: transcend ourselves and be a soldier without war
Sales concept: Sunshine sales, quality first
Service concept: customer-centric, service with love
Brand concept: Brand creates value, value creates wealth
Wealth concept: Money is something outside of one's body, growth is the first wealth of life
Work idea: Exercising simple methods to the extreme is a trick
Become a human being concept: enough money to gather people, wide enough to get people; first to lead people, self-discipline is enough to convince others
Salary concept: If you have achievements, you will be paid.
Organizational philosophy: build a platform and achieve yourself
Promotion concept: create results, train talents, be promoted
Achievement concept: ordinary people pursue goals, excellent people exceed goals, and excellent people create miracles.

Job opportunity

Wanted: Sales clerk, sales representative
Requirements: instruments and meters, machinery, electronic information, etc.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for network promotion of products and telephone exchange;
2. Effectively communicate with customers through telephone and instant chat tools to understand their initial needs, record contact records and submit to sales staff;
3. Maintain new and old customers and keep regular return visits.
1. 20-40 years old, male or female, college degree or above, clear tongue, fluent Mandarin, English;
2. Fresh graduates who are interested in sales and clerical work;
4. Must have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
5. Tough personality, quick thinking, good ability to adapt and bear pressure;
6. Have strong professionalism, responsibility and positive work attitude.

Salary treatment: State-defined benefits
Working hours: 8: 00 ~ 16: 30, weekends
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Shanghai Sunshine Scientific Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Address:88 Inner Ring Road, 30 Nanda Road, Shanghai

Contact man: Mr. Huang


Phone / Fax: 021-66132689