1. Our vision is: to become an excellent instrument manufacturing enterprise
2. Our mission is: Committed to Chinese enterprises to become stronger and bigger; to go to the world stage
3. Our aim is: to reject the theory, focus on actual combat, and help customers improve efficiency
4. Our spirit is: simplicity, nature
5. Our style is: keep promises, no excuses; absolutely obey, never say no
6. Our values are:
Customer: Everything is based on customer value
Standard: Always stay on top, and focus on everything
Team: Up and down concentric, work together to break gold
Thanksgiving: Be a man with a grateful heart and win respect with love
Responsibility: Responsible for yourself, for the enterprise, and for the society
7. Our core philosophy is:
Survival philosophy: Only the right way can last
Entrepreneurship concept: Tribulation is a required course for successful people
Development concept: Sacrifice the ego, complete the ego
Business philosophy: the world's best teachers, gather talents
Competitive philosophy: transcend ourselves and be a soldier without war
Sales concept: Sunshine sales, quality first
Service concept: customer-centric, service with love
Brand concept: Brand creates value, value creates wealth
Wealth concept: Money is something outside of one's body, growth is the first wealth of life
Work idea: Exercising simple methods to the extreme is a trick
Become a human being concept: enough money to gather people, wide enough to get people; first to lead people, self-discipline is enough to convince others
Salary concept: If you have achievements, you will be paid.
Organizational philosophy: build a platform and achieve yourself
Promotion concept: create results, train talents, be promoted
Achievement concept: ordinary people pursue goals, excellent people exceed goals, and excellent people create miracles.